Re-think Your Thinking – A few thoughts about powerful thinking


Re-think your thinking


Most of us don’t take the time to consider how our mindset or worldview affects us on a daily basis. We’ve been posting some videos on social media that have addressed this, and will continue that effort, because your mindset is unquestionably intertwined with your results in life and business. As an added value to our friends and business associates, below are just a few thoughts to help you “re-think your thinking” to power your mindset today.

First, become aware of how you think. Take a few minutes to become aware of how you developed your perspective on life. Who were the people that influenced you as a child? Were they positive or negative? Hopeful or cynical? What attitudes and perspectives have you adopted from them? Try to become aware of the thoughts you think, and evaluate whether they are helpful – or detrimental – to your mindset

Next, improve your thinking by concentrating on powerful and positive thoughts.  Do you have a dream you don’t believe, deep down, that you can achieve? Do you blame other people for your results or lack of results? The truth is, Henry Ford was correct in saying: “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” If you are consistently thinking things like: “I’d like to earn more money BUT the economy is bad,” or, “I’d like to retire but I’ll never make enough money”, convert those thoughts to positive thinking and action steps to solve the problem.  There are people everywhere, in all walks of life, who have accomplished amazing things.  The truth is, they are not much different from you…except that they believe and think in a way that is powerful and productive.  Think about the things that you tell yourself regularly. Would you consider different approaches to common challenges? The things you’ve believed or told yourself, even for years and years, may not be serving you well. Consider that there is more out there for you if you learn how to harness your thinking.

Once you’ve asked yourself the tough questions and considered new approaches; start taking in more and better information. Historically, highly successful people have been found to have a power hour in the morning.  This is a time in which they read, listen, and learn things that are uplifting, motivating and skill building. If you’d like radically different results, build a radically different morning show of your own!

Finally, take action. It’s easiest to take action when your emotions are high. This is why our strategic planning sessions with our clients can be so inspiring. The connection of the emotions with their dreams and a real, feasible action plan for achievement can be euphoric. If our clients take action on the plan, they move forward powerfully. If this sounds interesting, book a time today and begin to Re-Think your Thinking!

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