In the previous blog, I talked about creating a visual Vision Statement. There’s often a lot of confusion about whether a company should be using a Vision Statement, a Mission Statement, both or neither.
Again, my advice is not the same as some other advice you find pasted all over the internet (which hasn’t worked for you so far anyway).
Small business owners are each special and unique, and so is the expression of your purpose. If you are able to draw a picture and produce a Vision “statement” as I mentioned before, then I recommend a Vision statement. But if you can more aptly express your purpose in words, then use a Mission Statement.
A Mission statement states the fundamental purpose of your organization. It concentrates on the present. It might define your customer or your critical processes. It definitely informs you of the desired level of performance.
If you don’t know where to start, try this:
My company’s mission is to:____ _____ _____.
My personal mission is to: ___ ______ ______.
Action words are excellent!
· To eliminate poverty.

· To develop a nationwide supply chain.

· To drive success for small business owners.

· To ensure a safe and healthy living environment (a special nod to cleaners, water restoration companies and security experts…).

It’s typically a one very direct sentence. But it’s also YOUR mission statement, so you can make it serve your needs. The statement communicates the core activity of your business so that no one loses sight of the important elements.
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