Are you Lucky or Smart in your business? Many entrepreneurs and business executives attribute some part of their success to luck.  But most of them also believe it was a SMART, effective strategy that put them in the position to “be LUCKY”. Much like the voice from the 1989 movie Field of Dreams, whispering, “If you build it (have a strategy) they (the luck) will come.” Here are some key strategies to be lucky in your business.


Envisioning yourself as successful might also help you be lucky. Jason Womack of Entrepreneur magazine writes that you must “Visualize” your success. Many business owners and executives don’t see themselves in bigger and better situations and therefore may not recognize a “lucky” opportunity when it presents itself.  Sharon Vinderline of Parent Tested Parent Approved Media states that, “You must have a Drive to Innovate. Inspiration was always a great motivator…and inspiration comes from small daily accomplishments”.  Seeing yourself as successful and having inspiration in your work can help you become a “Luck Magnet”.


Womack suggests, “Write down 5-10 conditions in which you are at your best.”  These should be things that you are in 100% control of and that  you 100% believe could happen.  You never know who may be watching you.  When others see you at your best, they are inspired to work with you.  By doing your best, you  position yourself to leave a good, lasting impression that could develop into a great business relationship.  Francesco Marconi, fellow at the Columbia School of Journalism and Strategy Manager at Associated Press, came up with the algorithm ENGAGE. It encourages business owners and executives to: Explore their meaning, Narrow their focus, Generate a plan, Anticipate roadblocks, Gain persistence and Elevate their position.  Great steps to get you to the point where you do what you do best.


Alan Lakein, renowned business author and graduate of Johns Hopkins University and Harvard Business School, is credited with coining the phrase “Failing to plan is planning to fail”.  Womack also says “build your team”.  A trusted team to help you execute your plan is often crucial to  long term success.  So, envision your success, do what you do best, hang that horseshoe, grab a four-leaf clover, put that Maneko Neko statue in your lobby and plan to have Luck find you! If you need help planning to be lucky, contact our team at Business Dynamix Solutions right now:  Call 239-262-1237 or e-mail:  [email protected]om.