With so many competing ideas and options for marketing, how will you put your marketing dollars to the best use? Here are a few ideas you can use right away to develop a workable marketing strategy.


Create a list of the techniques you currently use and evaluate each for results – perhaps you can evaluate each one in terms of cost per new customer acquired. This “list” strategy shows you which strategies ARE working and where you might consider redirecting less effective funds to a new method.


Do you have a friend or connection that you admire for his or her business savvy? Spend time with that person. Studies show that we become more like the people with whom we spend the most time, so use your time wisely! If you don’t currently have someone who’s inspiring you, consider joining a mastermind group. These groups sometimes meet in person or online. Choose what works best for you!

Check social media platforms that offer plenty of inspiration like Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit and even Facebook! Connect with your audience on these platforms and study their reactions to similar ideas.

Consider creating an “inspiration board” to put the ideas in your head down on paper. This gives the rest of your company a proper visual for the overall theme your marketing strategy is trying to reflect.


Starting a calendar dedicated to marketing planning helps you stay organized, gives proper time for marketing ideas and allows you to be more creative. Making a designated space for the planning section of your marketing strategy also leaves room for correction and deliberation.

If you have the luxury of having a team, or another individual to work with on your marketing strategy, this puts you in a stronger position to achieve results you hoped for.

Planning encompasses everything from forming a question to evaluating your progress. Take the time to pre-evaluate possible outcomes, so you’re prepared for questions or problems. Considering solutions to potential problems before they happen saves you time, money and stress down the road. Additionally, take the time to evaluate each action so that you can build on each result.


Organizing an event can be a great strategy for sharing exciting changes or focusing on a cause. It can help inspire your audience to try a product or service. Events help to keep your audience engaged and excited for future plans; there’s a strong tendency in society to focus on quality experiences. Give them a great experience with your company – celebrate your customers and thank them for their support. Your audience wants to feel understood and appreciated by the organizations they purchase from, and they like to have fun. Use your promotional event to SHOW them that you KNOW them!


Whether it’s use of cutting-edge technology or good-old fashioned meetings and phone calls, keep in touch with your clients. You need to be top of mind when they are ready to purchase. Many businesses have trouble finding the balance between contacting customers too often and not often enough. The right mix depends on what you are selling. You can create ways for your customers to find you when they want to, so that you provide plenty of information in a non-intrusive way.

Explore the world of podcasts, video blogs (vlogs), and even online giveaways. Connecting with your audience puts you at a strategic advantage over your competition.

When customers feel directly engaged in your message, they are more likely to listen to the expertise you have to share. By branching out even further into the world of connection, we open up the space for dialogue, deeper understanding and eventually, better communication as a whole.

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